REVISION: Postponed…

Tonight would have been opening night for REVISION. Unfortunately, for those who have not heard (We posted on Facebook, but I think some people missed it), the show has been postponed until later this year. Please look for an announcement in early February about the new dates for the show and the Feet, Food, or Five campaign. While I am sad that we are not doing a show tonight, I am very touched by all the people who have expressed interest in coming to see the show. Thank you to everyone who has expressed their interest! You mean so much to us! It will be just a couple more months and surely, the show will go on! Got Theatre? Why, Certainly!

REVISION: A show of Several Firsts!

Our first show of 2016 will be Revision.  We are having so much fun with this show, and we can’t wait to perform before audiences in January.  This play represents several historical first for our organization.

  1. Certain Curtain Theatre’s First Original Full-Length Production. REVISION was written by Rosalind Morris, one of the founders of Certain Curtain Theatre.  Since we started in 2013, we have done some original pieces, by commission and for other organizations, but none of those have been full-length productions. The closest to full-length would be the “Forgotten Glory” Reader’s Theatre piece, but that was only a staged reading, and it was not for our company.  This first is important because we recently decided to revamp our company with fresh goals and vision, including a commitment to dedicate 75-80 percent of our season to our own original works.
  2. Certain Curtain Theatre’s First Unveiling of our new Signature Production Style.  That’s right, we are developing our own signature style of theatre! Our style (we have yet to name it) combines minimalist/flexible sets and with the Meisner and Viewpoints techniques to create productions that rely heavily on actors successfully living honestly within the world the playwright has created for them.
  3. Certain Curtain Theatre’s First Feet, Food, or Five Campaign.  As a part of our effort to entertain and give back to our community, we are offering three ways to pay for this show.  See our FEET, FOOD, or FIVE page for all the details.  We plan on making this an annual event, no matter what city we eventually call home.

Due to unexpected illness, we have been forced to move our first show of our 2016 wave to later in the year.  Stay tuned to more information about the new dates for the show. 🙂

Certain Curtain Update: So Many Things

Drawkcab Brown’s Astounding Defeat of Peg-Leg Petey and his Piratin’ Keet! AUDITIONS!

Certain Curtain is partnering with Spotlight Children’s Theatre to produce a new work!  Rosalind Morris ( Certain Curtain Theatre) wrote a children’s book series centered around Drawkcab Brown and his arch nemesis who goes by several names throughout the series (Peter Push-em-Down, Yuck-Mouth Pete, and Peg-Leg Petey).  Drawkcab is all about stopping bullies and helping his friends overcome them.  Now Drawkcab’s pirate adventure has become the musical:  Drawkcab Brown’s Astounding Defeat of Peg-Leg Petey and his Piratin’ Keet!  Spotlight Theatre, under the leadership of Rebecca Ungerman, is producing it as their season opener in September of this year.  Auditions for the show are Monday and Tuesday next week, and we hope you can make it out to audition.  Just to whet your appetite, we had a music session last night and here is one of the songs from the show:

Performed by Rebecca Ungerman (producer) and Jennifer Lynn (director) with Christy Lynn Stalcup on the piano.  There are roles for kids, teens, and adults.  Check out for more information on auditioning for this incredibly fun show!

24 HOUR Play Festival!

Certain Curtain Theatre is hosting Tulsa’s 24 Hour Play Festival this year. We currently have a couple of teams and several individuals, but we would love to have more.  If you are an actor, writer, or director, and you would like to be part of this fun highly creative, weekend please join us.  We need volunteers for host/hostess positions as well.  This year’s contest is audience choice, and the host/hostesses will be our tour guides, taking the audience members from play to play and collecting their votes.  It’s going to be an amazing time of hard work and creativity.  Check out our “It’s Happening!” Page to sign up and be part of this great Tulsa-wide event!

What happened to Theatre Mad Gab?

As you may have noticed, we have not done #TheatreMadGab for a couple of weeks.  We have been super busy getting with other time-sensitive projects, and just have not stayed on top of it.  Thank you for your concerned messages about it.  We will bring it back in the future, and we will let you know in advance when you can expect the next wave of #TheatreMadGab tweets.

The Reality of Certain Curtain!

If you have not subscribed to our YouTube page, now’s a good time to do it.  We are working on a weekly broadcast.  Debuting September 5th, the weekend after the 24-Hour Play Festival,  the broadcast will be a behind the scene’s look at what it takes to run our theatre company.

There are a few more things in the works, but we will tell you all about them in our next update.  Please come and see us next Monday and Tuesday at spotlight, and sign up for the play festival.

More Meisner Workshop Highlights

Last week in Meisner class, we had three different, yet equally amazing, successful “Come to the Door” sessions. In this first session: “Roderick Comes to the Door” you will see the explanation of this exercise, it’s function, and it’s benefits.  In the two sessions that follow, the scenarios change, the players switch, but the “fight” each actor has for his/her objective is really wonderful to watch.  Here are their scenes:

We are so happy with our participants’ growth.  They are doing great work!  Thank you, Roderick, Danielle, and Beckah!  We have one more workshop session, and then we will conclude our first Meisner Workshop.  Stay tuned for information on our next intensive:  Viewpoints Workshop.  We have not solidified the dates for that one, but we will be sure to keep you informed.

Until next time, thanks for stopping by the Certain Curtain Theatre blog.  Got Theatre?  Why Certainly!

Meisner Workshop Highlights!

Greetings from Certain Curtain Theatre!

This is Roz!  As you, our friends and followers, probably know, we are in the middle of our first Meisner workshop.  We are having a blast with the participants, and we can already see a difference from our first session to our third.  Check out this video from one of our repetition sessions:

As I stated at the beginning of the video above, week three was a week of moving forward and transitioning.  For the first two weeks all we did was repetition, but this past week, we added some new elements to the mix.

You can’t tell this from the intro, but the ideas of adding “taking the first thing” and “observations” were new concepts that I introduced just before I did the intro.  As the video suggests, it is very important that participants focus on their partners, listen with intention, and avoid falling into conversation. Questions are okay, as long as they are actually the first thing to come to mind in a given moment.

Next, we added another element to their Meisner vocabulary: Activity.  Without putting down repetition, observation, and taking the first thing, one partner now has the added assignment of performing a task.  Our go to starter task is balancing a dowel rod on your thumb.  Let’s watch Rebekah Gene Bachman and Roderick Hudson as they work with this new element.

That’s all for this post.  Next time we will be demonstrating an exercise called “Coming to the Door”. Thanks for stopping by our blog/facebook/tumblr and remember to #StayCreative!

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